About Us


Caretech Retirement Solutions was founded by  JaneNk Nwanne, a proud mother of 4 beautiful girls, an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and coach.

Before starting her own business, she enjoyed working and caring for the elderly and disabled, a passion she developed growing up in Nigeria, where the culture is to care for elderly parents and grandparents at home. She also grew fond of and cared for her grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

JaneNk worked four years as a nursing assistant in nursing homes and assisted living homes. She became deeply concerned about the quality of care when she was personally responsible for providing care for more than 20 residents in one shift. She found the demands unjust and inhumane, both for the patients and for herself as a health professional.

JaneNk decided to create her own assisted living facility out of her passion to see people thrive, her professional care giving experience and educational background in Health Systems Management. With more than nine years of experience in assisted living management, she now manages multiple family-style assisted living homes.

JaneNK’s favorite aspect of the assisted living business is the rewarding opportunity of helping seniors make their last years as pleasant and comfortable as they can be. She is passionate about care giving, and has continued to create awareness about family-style assisted living and the benefits to seniors and their well being.

JaneNk is the author of “Stir Up the Gift Within: Discover Your Extraordinary True self,” a thought-provoking motivational book that helps readers to learn the golden path to unlocking the success that resides inside each of them.

JaneNK also founded an online training academy for caregivers called Caregiver2ceo: Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities Where Passion Fuels Prosperity. She uses this platform to help caregivers learn how to start their own assisted living facilities, and get ideas on how to turn their passion and career experience into a thriving business.
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